Phil’s Biographical Top Ten

Phil and Enzo Roy

1. I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Feb. 28, 1959.

2. I attended Berklee College of Music as a guitar major and took aninterest in songwriting.

3. I moved to Los Angles in 1981 and within 3 months got signed to Warner Brothers records with my band Carrera by Ted Templeman. A second album with the same band members was released by EMI-Manhatten in 1985. For the most part, no one owns or has ever heard of these recordings.

4. In 1987 I signed my first of 5 publishing deals to write songs as a staff songwriter in Los Angeles.

5. I have had the honor of writing songs for some of the greatest Soul/R+B singers of the modern recording era. (Ray Charles, Pop’s Staples, Aaron Neville, Joe Cocker, Mavis Staples). Two Academy Award-winning films include my songs. (Leaving Las Vegas + As Good As It Gets)

6. I got “burnt out” trying to write “hits” for my publishers. In 2000 I self released “grouchyfriendly”. NPR stations across the country started playing the album. Won an award, “Independent Album of the Year”. Tom Waits, Wim Wenders, Leonard Cohen and assorted radio stations all said nice things about the recording. Met a girl, after 25 years moved back to Philadelphia , got married.

7. Recorded “Issues + Options”, my second solo album. Got signed by Or Music who released the CD in 2004. Other artist on the label included Los Lonely Boys and Matisyahu. Highlights include strong reviews in The New York Times, and a sold out debut performance at Lincoln Center. Got dropped by record label and divorced from wife.

8. My dog (Travis) and I walk around the park for 6 months thinking about ambition and it’s usefulness and uselessness “The I’m Not Leaving The House Tour” is conceived where people come to my home, I cook and perform a concert.

9. After more then 2 years, I finally finish “The Great Longing”. Another year is spent trying to figure out how I could get people to hear my new music. I get introduced to the people at Decca/Universal. On May 20th 2008, finally, after almost 4 years from starting the initial recording sessions, the album is released.

10. My latest musical recording, “In The Weird Small Hours is released and wins “Concept Album of the Year” by the Independent Music Awards. This album is out of print and actually I am re-conceptualizing this piece of work. (what a concept) Stay tuned. I continue to perform shows sporadically and am always cooking a lot. You can still find me combining music and culinary worlds at events through out the year. I currently live in Boise, Idaho with my wife Katarina, son Enzo (5), our daughter Indira (Indi) and dog the Teo. Hopefully if your reading this we will someday meet along the way. Until then… Phil Roy.